Membership of Fokus

Fokus ry functions partly on the resources it collects from its members with membership fees. Membership fees finance student’s free time activities like sauna evenings, parties and more.

The easiest way to support our organization is to pay a membership fee. Membership includes 10-year-membership, overall patch and Fokus sticker with all of its perks. 10-year-membership can be renewed for free. Membership costs 15 €.

Account number of Fokus ry: FI80 4762 0010 0839 96 (BIC: POPFFI22)// Message: Membership fee + First name Surname

Membership can also be paid through MobilePay. Fokus’ number is 91808. Write ”Member + First name Surname” in the text box in the app.

Membership can also be paid in cash. The possibility of cash payment can be discussed separately.

The Fokus sticker can be picked up from board meetings of Fokus ry or from most of our events. If you have questions related to membership, send an email to the Vice Chair, Oona ( Take the printed receipt with you, when you pick up the sticker if there is less than month from the membership payment.


Fokus ry Merch


  • 100% cotton

  • 5€

  • tote bags can be bought for example from patch markets and events. Contact us for more information:



  • unisex with Fokus’ logo

  • 35€

  • Cotton 80% and polyester 20%

  • Produced ethically under Fair Wear-monitoring

  • sizes from XS to 2XL

  • Linda is 165 cm tall and she is wearing size XS. Janne is 178 cm and is wearing size M.

  • Shirts are ordered in bulk


Membership perks

As a member of Fokus ry, you will get a sticker for your student card. With it you can get these perks and discounts:

Street Food Bar Taikuri

Taikuri offers -15% discount from its products (excluding alcoholic beverages) to members of Fokus ry. They also offer Karhu-beer (0,33l) with 3,50€. Membership is proven with Fokus sticker.

Karaoke Bar Helmi

Happy hour prices until 10pm on weekends and weekdays. Karaoke cabinet can be rented on weekdays for 50€. 

Teerenpeli Jyväskylä

Lagers (0,4l) Onnenpekka, Laiskajaakko and Luomuleevi from tap for 5€

Ciders (0,3l) Lempiomena (apple), lempimustikka (blueberry) and lempipuolukka (lingonberry) from tap for 5,5€

Drinks Pulinamuulidrinkki and Mustikkamuulidrinkki (blueberry) for 5€

Schnapps (4cl) Mustikkasnapsi (blueberry) and Puolukkasnapsi (lingonberry) for 4€

Coffee for 1€

Sulami-bread for 6€

Plus seasonal offers.


Ruohonjuuri Jyväskylä 

-5% discount from normal prices. Membership is proven with Fokus sticker.

Passion Food & Bar

Fokus drink for 4€

House’s wine bottle from Sunday to Thursday for 13€

-10% discount on brunch

-10% discount on à la carte-dishes

Membership is proven by showing Fokus sticker.

The Local Culture & Hostel Café

-10% discount on cafe product

-10% discount on breakfast

-10% discount on accomodation

Membership is proven with Fokus sticker.


List will be updated when perks and discounts change!