Plans and strategies

Environmental strategy

Fokus ry’s environment strategy and guidance


Fokus ry pledges to take the environment into consideration in all of its activities and sustainable development’s principles are present in our activities. The subject association’s role as a consumer and an influencer are seen as a possibility to operate ecologically and as a positive example. The environment is taken into consideration in both the environmental strategy and in the yearly action plan. Every board of Fokus ry as well as its event organizers read through the strategy and commit to it. In addition, Fokus ry participates in JYY’s environment competition every year. Every year someone from the board (member of board or official) is nominated to be responsible for environment issues.

As a subject association for social scientists, Fokus ry has a great opportunity to actively operate according to environmentally friendly values and guide its members to do the same. This means that Fokus ry can be on the cutting edge of ecological activities and thinking.

Fokus ry pledges to the concrete actions mentioned below.



Event locations are mainly reachable by foot, bike or public transport. If the location is further away, one can travel there by public transportation or carpool.

Fokus’ own goods are utilized in event organizing or when needed goods are borrowed from lending list (
dit). Reusable dishes and cutlery are used whenever possible. Goods can be also borrowed from JYY ( Goods in public places and their usability should be taken into consideration in event organizing (for example board games in cafés and bars).

Recycling information is distributed to event participants and are taken into account in event organization. Events’ themes are invented in a way that enables the recycling of old clothes and goods for events’ participation. Themes should avoid the need to buy anything new. Events must not cause any damage to or leave any marks to the event location, which means waste is gathered away from the location.


Meetings should be organized in spaces where it is possible to utilize information technology to show agendas. Good spaces for that are, for example, the Lea Pulkkinen hall and lecture halls of Agora and Liikunta. Printed material is to be avoided as much as possible. Environmentally friendly options must be taken into account in meeting’s servings.


Servings and purchases

Environmentally friendly options are taken into account in all servings, which means favouring vegetarian and vegan food. In events, like sitsfests, vegetarian option can be the main serving option. Organic and Fair Trade products are favoured in serving.

When purchasing products, environmentally friendly alternatives are favoured altogether. The subject association does not purchase disposable products. Fokus ry’s members and other subject associations can utilize our goods (like reusable dishes and cutlery and board games).



Fokus ry recycles in all of its events. Ideally, recycling should be possible at the venue. However, bringing waste with you and recycling afterwards is not hard, which is why recycling should be favoured in all events. A good starting point for recycling is to recycle biowaste, paper, cardboard, glass and metal.


Environment representative

One person from the board or officials should be nominated to be responsible for environmental issues. The environmental representative’s responsibilities can be merged to another task in the board. 
It is recommended that the representative attends every meeting of the subcommittee for environmental affairs and informs our members about environmental affairs, for example environmentally themed events. The environmental representative takes care that the board becomes familiar with the environmental strategy and that members are informed about JYY’s environment guide at least once a year ( The environment representative also updates Fokus’ environmental strategy as needed. All in all, the representative takes care that ecological customs and their realization are familiar to the board members.

It is recommended that the event coordinators get acquainted with the lending list and that Fokus’ products can be easily loaned from the lending list.



In the future, Fokus ry has established ecological customs and thinking as an inseparable part of the subject association. Fokus ry influences and encourages other agents and private persons to take environment into consideration. By example, Fokus ry shows that being ecological does not require miracles. Fokus ry also invests in products that last long and can be utilized by many people (for example sport equipment).

Strategy is composed in 11/2015 by the environmental representative of 2015.