Fokus organizes various activities for its members throughout the year. Hangouts, cultural events, sitsfests and parties with a welcoming feeling!


Fokus organizes various interesting excursions related to working life and professional skills. Our excursions are popular events for networking and having fun!

Overall Patches

Our overall patches beautify your student overalls but also turn them into a social scientist’s pride and joy. Our selection includes Fokus and studies related patches, but also patches for a wider audience. We create new overall patches from time to time.


Fokus ry strives to organize high quality events which are versatile and have a friendly environment. The purpose of events is to generate a sense of community and meaningful content for our members. We aim to provide interdisciplinary events without forgetting Fokus-exclusive events.

Fokus ry tries to make participation for events as easy as possible. Event costs are kept as low as possible. Themes for sitsfests are chosen in a way that costumes can be arranged with smaller budgets, but also allows larger investments for the costume. Everyone is welcome to sitsfests with any budget.

Despite our best efforts our events cannot ever be perfect without our members’ help! Event coordinators gladly accept suggestions. You can suggest events, themes and content. The best way to give feedback is to contact event coordinators personally. You can also suggest sport, culture and social events to the culture representative, sport representative, or social affairs coordinator respectively.

We hope to see you and your friends at our events in the future!


You’re welcome to come move on Fokus’ sports turn and at our sports events! Fokus offers its members weekly sports turn in the U2 building. The sports turn is in collaboration with Puolue and Mephisto. The sports turn is on Wednesdays from 8pm to 9pm. The sport turn’s sport changes regularly (usually between basketball, floorball and futsal). The sports turn schedule will be announced at the beginning of the month on Fokus’ Facebook page and YFI international students – Facebook group.

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