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The administrative team is led by the chairperson. The team also includes a vice-chairperson, secretary, treasurer and business relations coordinator. The team is responsible for administrative activities like planning activities, organizing meetings, finances, member issues, co-operation, orders and fundraising. The administration team enables the subject association’s continuity, quality and development.

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Hey! I am Nelli Nora, a third-year social and public policy student from the greatest cottage municipality in Southern Savonia, Mäntyharju. This year I’m the chairperson of our beloved Fokus and my main task is to organize and develop action with our great board. I also like very much of photography, plants, hiking and my dog.

If you have any feedback, questions or ideas in your mind, feel free to email me at!

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viivi kaikkonen

Hi everyone! I’m a sociology student and an education policy enthusiast. I love coffee and adore dogs.

I take care of the bills and payments of Fokus. If you have something to ask about the money traffic of Fokus or about anything at all, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can be reached via email:

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Hi! My name is Oona and I’m a second year sociology student in the bachelor’s degree programme in social sciences and philosophy. 

As a vice-chairperson my task is to help our chairperson and the whole board, keep up our membership register and take care of the web sell of our cool overall patches. I also organize the 45th annual ball which I am really excited about! 

If you have any concerns about your membership status, have the most amazing idea for our annual ball or want to buy our patches, feel free to contact me by email or by saying hello at campus! 

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roosa jukola
business relations

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Hi! My name is Emma and I am the secretary of Fokus this year. I am a first year student at YFI and especially interested in studying social policy.

As a secretary my job is to take care of the arrangements needed for organizing meetings and of course writing the minutes. I am especially eager to see every aspect of what goes on in Fokus and am really happy to be part of such a great group of people!

I spend a lot of my free time in sweatpants, since I do a lot of sports. Some other hobbies include drinking coffee at campus, joking around with friends, being in nature and all things spontaneous.

The best way to reach me is on Facebook or via e-mail If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to help


academic affairs

The academic affairs team is led by the head of academic affairs. In addition to the academic affairs representatives of sociology, social work and social and public policy from Fokus ry, it includes other academic affairs representatives from other subject associations in the department of social sciences and philosophy. The purpose of the team is to work as a link between students and the university staff, to promote students’ interests and to develop educational activity.

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Hello hello! My name is Venla and I study social and public policy. I am originally from the best town in Finland, Tampere, but have spent last couple years here at Jyväskylä because of my studies. Other than Tampere and social policy, I enjoy greatly good coffee, different shades of the colour pink as well as modern and classical music.

This is my second year on the board of Fokus and I work as the Academic Affairs coordinator of social and public policy. This means that I interact between the staff and the students and work as a spokespersons for us students. If you have any conserns or guestions regarding your studies here ar Jyväskylä feel free to contact me, so we can figure things out together. You may reach me via mail ( or send me a message on Facebook.

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Moi! My name is Tuuli and I study social work. I’m originally from Kotka which is a city by the sea located in southern Finland. Despite missing our family dogs and flatter land, I have enjoyed Jyväskylä a lot! Especially ducks (we have a lot of them here), lake Jyväsjärvi, lovely people and of course our wonderful subject association have a special place in my heart.

Long story short: as a coordinator of social work my job is to take care of promotion of student´s interests and develop educational activity. I’m working as a link between students and staff which includes representing students in staff meetings.

If you face any problems, have ideas or feedback, please feel free to send an email to Welcome to Jyväskylä and see you on campus! 😊

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Hi! My name is Ronja and this year I am the Academic Affairs Coordinator of Sociology. I’ve studied sociology for four years and this is my third year on the board of Fokus. Originally I’m from the strawberry capital of Finland, Suonenjoki, but I’ve lived in Jyväskylä since I started my studies in 2015.

In addition to my studies and board duties I like to waste my time on social media, watch serial killer mysteries on Netflix and, naturally, go to parties.

As an Academic Affairs Coordinator, my most important task is to promote students’ interests. I do this by serving as a contact person between our students and the staff. If you ever come across a problem in your studies, feel free to contact me and we’ll figure things out! :)

You can best reach me via email or by sending me a message on Facebook!



The events team is led by three event coordinators, who share responsibility for the year’s events. The team also includes three event correspondents. The events team is responsible for sitsfests, parties, advertising events and coordinating events with the wellbeing team.

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Hi everyone, I'm Suvi. I'm a freshman in bachelor's degree programme in social sciences and philosophy. I am also one of our event coordinators. Being an event coordinator is exiting because I like planning and organising events.

I have lived in Espoo before I moved to Jyväskylä. On my freetime (which is quite rare) I enjoy sports especially dance and outdoor activities. And of course I like hanging out with my friends and family as much as possible.

If you have some event ideas or feedback, you can email me at or come talk to me freely at the campus!

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Hi guys! My name is Nette but that might be a bit difficult to pronounce for a foreigner so you can call me Netuska but basically everything goes. I have focused my studies in sociology and history, but my main interest is in AI and I’m planning to be an entrepreneur one day. Currently I’m a master in making pancakes. I love gaming and meeting new people in events, especially in student events that I’m grateful to get to organize as an event coordinator and 3MIOT representative.

3MIOT is a student event that brings students from JAMK and university, including exchange students, to have fun. The evening starts with activities such as bowling, billiards and all sorts of competitions in Hollywood Bowling and Passion Food & Bar. After that when the evening falls, we head to Club Escape to party among beer pong etc. All the 3MIOT-bars will have student-friendly prices during the evening to the closing times. I’ll meet you there!

If you have any requests or ideas, please, feel free to contact me by email.

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event coordinator

Hi! I'm Anniina, one of our Event Coordinators. This is my second year in JYU and I study social and public policy. In case of amazing ideas (or anything else I should be aware of) contact me:

I hope to see you in our events!


event crew

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event crew (member)

Ideas? Contact me:

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event crew (member)

Hey my name is Tuomas i am a member of the amazing event crew. I am currently studying social and public policy in our master's program. I am one of the most experienced board members this year, so it is my responsibility to teach and support other members on the board in every way that I possibly can. If you have something to ask, or you have brilliant ideas concerning the events of Fokus ry, you can approach me via email -

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event crew (member)


My name is Janne and I am a student of social and public policy. In 2019, my role and function in the Fokus ry is to work as an event team member. As a member of the team, my purpose is to act according to the will of the event managers, ie to help them create and organize sits, sauna evenings and anything related to events. Luckily I don't have to work alone, because I have two fun and careing team members that help me :)

Jyväskylä is not my hometown, because that honor belongs to Siuro. I like music and in my spare time I like to listen to it and play with the guitar. I also like animals, especially dogs and orcas. From this email address, you can reach me if this text raised any questions.



The communications team is led by Communications Coordinator The team also includes International Affairs correspondent and Fogue representative (Fogue is our subject association’s paper). The team is responsible for the website, social media, email list, Fogue and international students. The team enables smooth and reliable communication in the subject association.

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Hello! My name is Veera and I'm from Mikkeli. I moved to Jyväskylä about year and a half ago. I study second year in YFI's renewed bachelorprogram and my major is socialpolitics.

This year I'm responsible of Fokus communication. I take care of Fokus email list and update different social media platforms.

In freetime (not the bar) I circle in fleamarket and browse My secret dream is also to move Lappi to middle of nowhere. I also like my dog very much. And oranges. Not to mention moomin.

"Back to nature. We life only once. Away responsibilities." - Moominpappa

If you have something to ask, feel free to email me at!

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international affairs

Hey! My name is Miisa. I am first year student of bachelor’s degree programme in social sciences and philosophy. I am probably going to major in sociology, because I have studied it previously in Scotland. I originate from Helsinki. On my free time, I like to read and play basketball.

I am International Affairs Representative in Fokus ry. Because I am freshman, this is my first year in board of Fokus ry. I applied to be international affairs representative, because I have lived abroad and backpacked around the world. International affairs representative is advocate and informant for the international environment. For Finnish students, it means informing them about international experiences that our university offers. For international students, it means mostly informing about our subject associations events and answering questions about them.

If you have any questions or ideas, please send them to this address

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Hi! I come from Kangasniemi, started at the university in 2018 and in so far as I just started in the board. It was a positive surprise to see here that many of us are coffee addicts too!

In addition to peer support it is nice to be here helping the board and the entire organisation, on the whole, with communication. And, to go some deeper, it would be nice to see Fokus help its members to manage with their studies, group with each other, have fun with each other and rotate all that good to the entire university. Especially my area of responsibility is to be the editor-in-chief of our magazine, “Fogue”. My enthusiasm for all this has probably come from my earlier agency in voluntary work and organisations.

About my hobbies: I consciously try to focus on gym workouts, hanging out with friends and having deep discussions but you can still spot me doing all kinds of random things. Be free to contact me!



The wellbeing team is led by Social Affairs Coordinator. The other team members are the culture representative, sports representative and environmental affairs & development representative. The team takes care of the well-being of our members by offering various non-alcoholic events (e.g. cultural, sports, working life and excursion events). The team advocates for a safe environment and sense of community in the subject association.

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Social affairs

Hi! I’m Noora and I have studied social work for two years but I switched to social sciences and more precisely to political science this spring. I’m from Karstula but I have lived in Jyväskylä for two years. During my spare time I like to go to Academic Sports group classes, spend time with my friends, drink a lot of coffee and read good books.

I’m Fokus ry’s Coordinator of Social Affairs and this is my first year in board of Fokus. My duty as a Coordinator of Social Affairs is everything that has to do with our members wellbeing. This includes questions about livelihood, housing, equality, bullying, health and so on. My responsibility is also to organize non-alcoholic events and I have many new ideas to these kind of events. If you have something to ask or just want to come and talk with me, you can contact me on Facebook or by email or just come to talk to me if we meet at Seminaarinmäki or somewhere else!

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Hi! I’m Verna, 19-year-old first year student of bachelor’s degree programme in social sciences and philosophy. This is my first year in Fokus' board and I work as sport representative. I take care of sport events with Puolue’s and Mephisto’s sport representatives. We also take part to JYY’s sports comittee to guarantee that the quality of university sports is as good as possible.

In my spare time I do a lot of sports, spend time with my friends, take part to culture events and travel when I have a chance to do it.

You can contact me if you have any questions or propositions that are related to well-being and sport events! :-)

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environmental affairs & development


I’m Laura, and I’m acting as representavive for enviromental affairs and development. If you have something related to enviroment or development, please contanct me through email

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Hey everyone! My name is Iida and I am a first year student of social work in Jyväskylä. I moved here from Oulu and I really like it here! In my free time I do sports and of course look out for culture events. I decided to join the Fokus ry’s board because I wanted to see what it’s like and get to know new people. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me! As a culture representative I want to organize different and versatile events and get togethers! If you have any ideas or questions, you can find me from the campus or email me 😊